Cargo Quality

Cargo quality is a continually evolving process here at Coastal.  Our willingness to adapt to your needs ensures we employ the most innovative solutions available.  Among our quality oriented improvements are pallet platforms that decrease operational load and discharge times, as well as the potential for damage.  The implementation of corrugate totes to protect your product and maximize stowage is another important initiative.  Permanent cribbing to square off our holds and a disciplined hold cleaning plan ensure your palletized freight arrives in the condition it was received.  Utilizing airbags in railcars to prevent product damage in transit is our newest initiative and is yet another example of our constantly expanding commitment to cargo quality.

Please keep in mind that your partnership with cargo quality is equally essential.  Key areas that you, the customer, can help us with are listed in the sidebar to the right.  Following some of the simple guidelines listed there will greatly augment the safe and timely delivery of your freight.