Based on your instructions, Coastal Transportation arranges the seamless transfer of your product via truck and railcar for domestic markets.

Coastal Transportation will assist in the coordination and transfer of goods to local distributors—including cold storage facilities—making delivery to most locations quick and easy.

With a rail spur at its Seattle terminal, Coastal offers rail service via Union Pacific and Burlington Northern railways. Coastal’s longstanding cooperation with railway carriers ensures efficient transfer of cargo, particularly frozen cargo, no matter the final destination.

Long Haul
Coastal Transportation has the expertise to coordinate cargo movements among long-haul carriers, ensuring cargo moves quickly from the Seattle terminal to domestic markets.

Coastal Transportation can help arrange the shipment of your product from Western Alaska to global markets, including ports in Europe and Asia. Efficiently moving cargo bound for global markets starts with a single phone call.

Western Alaska Interport
With a fleet of self-sustaining vessels, Coastal Transportation offers reliable port-to-port service throughout Western Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Coastal vessels have the flexibility to deviate from scheduled routes, enabling timely delivery of supplies and equipment to remote locations.

Non-Scheduled Ports

Coastal transportation vessels have the flexibility to service non-scheduled destinations, as well as vessels at sea. Contact a customer representative for more information.