General Rate Increase Effective December 8, 2009

Dear Customer:

Coastal Transportation, Inc. has filed with the Surface Transportation Board a general rate increase (GRI) of 4.9% in our Alaska Tariff STB CSIW 8.  The effective date of the GRI is December 8, 2009.  Other rate changes include the following.

TLI 1545-35-0002, Salmon in block form, is $11.70 cwt

TLI 1545-40-0002, Surimi, is $10.70 cwt

TLI 1545-30-0002, Salmon IQF, is $18.70 cwt

Fresh fish will ship under TLI 1545-65-0002

Pan frozen black cod will ship under TLI 1545-35-0002

Frozen Product samples will ship under TLI 1760-00-0002

The City of Kodiak and Yakutat are now rate group B ports.

The port security charge is $17 per bill of lading.

Pallets provided at our Dutch Harbor facility will be billed $13.00 for non-Coastal cargo, while pallets for cargo transported on Coastal will be billed at $9.50.  All cargoes at our Dutch Harbor facility are subject to a $4.00 per metric ton wharfage charge. 

We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you again in 2010.


Tim Shaffer

General Manager